Frequently Asked Questions

The Online Application Process

Q. When is the application due?  The application window for the 2024-2025 school year will open the week of October 9, 2023. The deadline for being included in the lottery is January 31, 2024 (midnight). Applications received after the deadline will be processed and placed on a first come, first served waiting list. Only completed applications that are submitted by the deadline are included in the lottery. Incomplete applications are not included in the lottery, nor will they be placed on the waiting list.

Applications do not roll from one year to the next, so even if you completed an application for the current year and are on a wait list, you will need to reapply for the next year.

Q. How long does it take to complete the online application process? Typically, the process should take from 10-20 minutes.  Please note that each page saves only if everything on that page is completed.  The page that requires uploads will only save the information on that page if the uploads are included. 

Q. What if I do not have access to a computer? Please contact the school at 303-759-2076 for assistance.

Q. Once I've submitted the application electronically, how will I know that the submission is successful? Once the application is completed online, you will receive an automated message based on the email address you provided when you created an account.

Q. Should I allow anyone else to use my account? It is the user's responsibility to protect the integrity of any information entered in the system. This includes but is not limited to passwords or personal information about you or your child. You should not share your login information or password with anyone except a parent or legal guardian.

Q. My account has been disabled because I've attempted to login too many times. Should I set up another account? No, please do not. If you create a second account, it will not link to the previously existing account, and will not allow a duplication of a student. You must call the RMSEL office at 303-759-2076 for an administrator to assist you. 

Selection Process

Q. Are students selected based on a first come, first served process? All eligible applications submitted by the application deadline will be entered into the lottery and assigned a random number by the lottery software. Applications received after the lottery deadline will be processed, but will not be included in the initial lottery. Instead they will be placed on a first come, first served waiting list. Read more about the lottery process.

Q. How do I know the outcome of the lottery? If you have a favorable position in the lottery, you will be notified by telephone of the potential placement for your child, and asked to attend a shadow day at RMSEL. The shadow day provides the opportunity for your child to observe a day in the life of RMSEL students, as well as provides the opportunity for teaching staff to observe your child and help determine if RMSEL is a good fit for your child. Following the shadow day, formal placement offers will be made and acceptance paperwork will be sent to you.

Q. What happens if my child isn't offered a placement from the initial lottery? Applicants who do not receive a placement offer from the lottery will be notified by email that they are on the wait list. Please do not call the school regarding position on the wait list. If a placement for your child becomes available, you will be notified at that time. Applications will remain on file through October 1st. If vacancies occur before then, applicants will be offered a spot based on the lottery policy. No new students will be enrolled after October 1st of the school year.

Our Mission

As a K-12 community, the mission of the Rocky Mountain School of Expeditionary Learning (RMSEL) is to empower students and staff to be learners, thinkers, citizens, and explorers engaged in and inspired by the real world. "We are crew not passengers."